Staff Member: Mr. Mike Lucich

Mr. Mike Lucich

Tech Support
Phone: x127

Greetings, My name is Mike Lucich and 2016-17 is my second year providing technology support at HRS. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University, where I took my first computer class (Fortran Programming). Although my degree was in Man-Environment Relations, my first professional position was in the federal civil service, working for the U.S. Army, starting in their data processing internship program at Fort Monroe, Virginia. This provided me with 18 months of classroom, audio-visual and on-the-job training in programming and system analysis, and launched a 40 year career in technology. My wife Randi and I met while I was working at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We were married by her college chaplain, and we lived and raised a family in Kansas for about 14 years. Randi had lived in Duluth during her middle school years and we visited in 1995, after a family reunion in St. Paul. We fell in love with this place! Our careers took us many places, and happily, back to Duluth (which had been in the back of our minds only for about 19 years)!

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