About Us

Holy Rosary School is connected to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish and is a member of the Duluth Area Catholic School system. Located in Eastern Duluth, the beautiful campus includes large play areas, a sledding hill, soccer field, basketball court and an inspiring view of Lake Superior. There are 16 classrooms, a large media center (renovated in 1996), a gym, a multimedia library/resource center with technology available in a networked computer lab with flat screens, SmartBoards in classrooms and a portable cart for iPads/laptops.  The school was staffed for 83 years by the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois, O.P.  HRS maintains the Catholic tradition of academic excellence and faith formation. Most graduates finish in the top percent of their high school class and take honors level, advanced placement or college level credits while enrolled in high school. Small class sizes along with a kindergarten through grade eight configuration, complements our lower/upper Middle School Program (grades 5-8), resulting in unique opportunities for character development, student leaders and peer mentoring.

The parish staff is also involved in daily school life. Weekly Mass, class visits, community occasions, and special events keep the parish and school linked. Students and school families participate in parish ministry by serving as lectors, cantors, singing in the children's and festival choirs and altar serving. Holy Rosary School offers families a partner in education, mirroring the Christian values taught at home and challenging students to achieve their highest potential. The legacy of a Holy Rosary is a proud tradition.

Holy Rosary School History

The building opened in 1923 and functioned as both the church and parish school until the construction of the new Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary (1957).  Seven Dominican sisters from an order based in Springfield, Illinois, were invited by Bishop McNicholas to teach the children of the the parish. They traveled by train and established a convent at the old Sinclair Lewis home, within walking distance of the school campus.  Over 30 sisters served faithfully until the order formally withdrew in 2006.  The first lay principal was hired in 2006.  Since its founding, over 3,000 students have graduated enriched by the school with the tradition and excellence Catholic school education offers.  Holy Rosary students and graduates continue to share their gifts and talents in their personal and professional lives with the communities in which they live.

Holy Rosary School Philosophy Statement

Catholic education involves the whole person, including the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional growth of the student.  A Gospel vision with Christ as the model, is the motivating force in our curriculum and our conduct.  It helps give direction to all pursuits.

Holy Rosary School seeks to create and to provide an atmosphere of faith community and caring through daily prayer, weekly liturgies, and emphasis on academic excellence, self-discipline and personal responsibility.  In addition, Holy Rosary School employs a faculty and staff that strives to accommodate individual learning styles so students can flourish.

The Holy Rosary faculty views parents as the primary educators of their children.  In a partnership with parents, the teachers and staff seek to integrate Catholic values into daily living.  A Holy Rosary education will enable students to strengthen their relationship with God and others and to contribute toward the building of a just society.