HRS Uniform Guidelines

Holy Rosary School recommends purchasing uniforms from one of the following two uniform vendors. These two vendors have a specific list of uniform styles (cut, color and material) that are acceptable.  Uniforms purchased at other stores or resources must match the uniform requirements and be identical in cut, color and material to the items offered at the stores below.  Please visit the Holy Rosary School sections of their websites for visual representations. 

Donald’s Department Store

Lands’ End


Solid white short or long sleeve polo with white buttons.  White button-down shirt.  No monogram, logo or colored trim. Only a plain, white short-sleeve t-shirt may be worn underneath.
Solid navy short or long sleeve polo with navy or white buttons.  No monogram, logo or colored trim.  


 Khaki full length style with internal seams and internal pockets.  No off-white, corduroy, cargo pants or other styles. 


Khaki walking short length with internal pockets.  Shorts may be worn in fall months of September/ October and spring months of May/June.  Shorts may not be worn on school Mass days.  No off-white, cargo or other styles.  

Skirts, Shorts, 

Khaki classic uniform cut with internal pockets.  No outside pockets, off-white or other styles.   Plaid (Land’s End or Donalds #55) skirts, skorts or jumpers. 

Socks, Tights

Solid color white, red or navy; must be visible above the top of the shoe.  


Sturdy leather shoes or athletic shoes. No sandals, shoes with wheels, slippers, moccasins, boots of any kind, clogs, open-toe or open-heel shoes.


Preferred but not required.



Other optional items include: 
Holy Rosary School sweatshirt with crest logo or Holy Rosary logo hooded sweatshirt.  Solid red and solid navy sweaters. Cardigan, v-neck, crew neck and vest styles acceptable.  No emblems, logos or sequins.   Must be worn with a solid white uniform shirt underneath.

  • Any jewelry worn must be simple and modest. No extreme make-up, body piercing, hair colors or styles are permitted. Hair styles and jewelry must be simple and modest and hair must be a natural color.
  • Out of Uniform Days are at the discretion of the principal
  • Students who are not in compliance will call home for their proper uniform.

HRS Sweatshirts

Holy Rosary School sweatshirts can also be worn as part of the uniform (must be worn with a solid white uniform shirt underneath), and can be ordered throughout the school year by completing an order form.  Order forms, samples, and sizes are available to see in the main office.

HRS Uniform Exchange Closet

The Uniform Closet offers a large selection of gently worn HRS uniforms to all families at no charge.  The closet is located in the lower level of the Cathedral of Our Lady and is open Monday-Friday (8am-4 pm).  Families are encouraged to bring gently used uniform items to the closet for restocking throughout the year.  The closet is maintained by our parent organization, Partners in Education.