Middle School Program (5-8)

This wonderful middle school program (grades 5-8) will be re-located to the St. John's campus in the woodland area under the new Duluth Catholic School!

The Holy Rosary School middle school experience begins in grade 5.  Grades 5-6 (lower middle school) and grades 7-8 (upper middle school) both model an eight period day with options for language, fine arts, and other electives.  In middle school, the students continue to develop their relationship with God guided by a daily religion class, and seek out opportunities for service within the parish, school and community. The middle school experience not only prepares students for a faith-filled journey, but provides them with the character development skills of integrity, independence, interdependence, and leadership.  With these skills as a focus, the students work towards high school preparation.  With a challenging academic program and opportunities that extend beyond the classroom, HRS students are well-prepared for the high school experience.