Middle School Academics

The middle school academics at Holy Rosary School are rich with challenging opportunities. Our program focuses on total formation, with attention to faith development, the arts, language, physical education, and a commitment to effective student teacher ratios that set us apart.

Our middle school is structured as a lower middle school (grades 5-6) and an upper middle school (grades 7-8).  A typical academic day in the life of an HRS Middle School student begins with a 30 minute morning advisory, part of the Developmental Designs Program.  The students then set off on an eight-period day to explore the worlds of language arts, mathematics, science, history, religion, language (French or Spanish), physical education, and multiple electives.  With the use of one-to-one technology (iPads in grades 5/6, Chromebooks in grades 7/8) students are guided through challenging material to further their student success, and are taught how to be successful middle school students.  

Holy Rosary students also complete rigorous independent projects such as Science Fair, History Day and a non-profit profile writing project. Students may also elect to participate in additional independent studies in English, history, religion, science and mathematics through our Scholar’s Program.